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The Advice

We’re not your typical geek.

We know the difference between information and insight. And we’re intent on getting the information right, so you can derive the insights you need to win.

We’ll spend a fair bit of time understanding your needs and ensuring what you get from us makes sense.

So you only get what you need – and nothing you don’t.


The Relationship

We’re a team. 

The analysis we give you is only as good as the direction you give. 

The better we understand each other, the smoother the journey and the more we can achieve together.


The Analyst can provide the best information in the world.

But it’s only as good as the ability of the Coach – who has to ask the right questions, who has to interpret the analysis and who has to translate it to the players.

Yvette McCausland-Durie




From elite teams who need exclusive and comprehensive analytics throughout a campaign, to the High School netball team who need a game coded from video capture, we can find a solution to match any need.

Our custom-built services are designed to give you the information you need at the time you need it. 


Game Analysis

We provide a full game analysis (live and post) with a complete breakdown on player statistics.

Video Coding

We have our own coding software and hardware. Our codes can be as simple or as complex as you need.

Custom Investigations

More than just numbers, we're problem-solvers. If you have a query, we'll figure out an approach.

Information Sessions

We see the community as an incubator of innovation and passion. We believe is sharing our learnings.

Game Measures

The Standard

  • Conversion Rates
  • Shooting Accuracy
  • Feeding Accuracy
  • Tips, Gains and Losses
  • Possession Rates
  • Rebounding

The Extra

  • Critical Moments
  • Shot Charts
  • Heat Maps
  • Umpire Data
  • Penalty Data
  • Momentum

Is this all that we measure?

No. contact us for more information.


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