Explanatory Notes - Teams Tables

We have four separate tabs of data in this table.

More than what’s currently publicly available, we have annual data broken down by team by global competition.

The tabs are categorized into four groups:

  • Possession Conversion
  • Gains and Losses
  • Circle Measures and Feeding and
  • Penalties and Pace Factors

You’ll notice our data is a little different to what you may be used to. 

Read more about how we view the game and why we measure things the way we do here and see our glossary of terms here.

Well, you click/tap.

On the top, we have our tabs (topics).
You can filter each tab by a variety of filters.

And you can view the tabular data by Total or Average per Quarter (see Mode filter).

Have a go. You can’t break it.

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  • You can hover over a cell to get a magnification of the data. This will also give you the full measure name if you are not sure what the abbreviation
  • We collect all our information ourselves. We have a rigorous data collection and checking process, but sometimes errors do creep in. If you notice something not quite right, please get in touch and we will check and correct if necessary.
  • You can sort the table by a specific measure by clicking on the sort icon that appears next to the column name when you hover over it.

Almost all of this information is collected from televised footage. On occasion, TV footage switches to a replay, an interview with the coach, or pans to someone eating a hotdog in the crowd instead of focusing on the game. This means we may miss a centre pass receive here or there, or occasionally be unable to determine who is responsible for a change in possession. It has minimal impact on this table, however we want to be transparent.

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• While we provide a huge amount of in depth and unique information freely, we provide even more to our clients. 

• We can provide all raw counts, as well as many extra measures at both a team and individual level. Our clients obtain greater capabilities to manipulate and investigate the data, with the added option to filter by quarter, opposition and/or umpire.

• Contact us if you have any further queries.