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Netball is behind the global analytics curve. 

The reasons for this are wide-arching, long-known and resistant to change. But that doesn’t mean we can’t try to improve things. We’re inspired by the stories of the Oakland A’s, the Houston Astros, Penn State Basketball and the Croatian soccer team. 

We’re inspired by people who have knuckled down and made the unknown more known. By people who encourage discussion. Who share ideas. Who drive innovation.

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Serving as a sneaky preview, the inaugural preseason tournament, The Team Girls Cup, was held recently in Brisbane. So we thought, ‘Let’s grab some stats.’

We got some sneak peeks into the conditioning, form and strategies of the Franchises, we saw players eyeing each other up and we reckon some demons were laid to rest.   

Being a World Cup year though, all eyes are on the players.

So in this report we seek to answer: Which team has the early advantage? Which players performed? And who should we keep our eye on for the future?

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Being the last ‘big one’ before the World Cup,  the Quad Series had a lot to offer. With upset wins, a double extra time match and the overall winner being determined by goal difference, it didn’t disappoint.

Scorelines and drama-aside, we wanted to see if the right team won and why. So we compared all team averages from this series.

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